AM TAR Vision

  • Development of high end car manufacturing plant for all AM TAR production and prototype cars 2019-2025
  • AM TAR passenger car production by 2019
  • AM TAR Foundation (Demand Automotive Engineering skills development) NGO establishment by 2018 to train more than 5000+ candidates annually 
  • AM TAR Africa distribution in 2022

AM TAR Mission

  • Public- Private sector partnerships 
  • Development of a high quality AM TAR prototype car running on fuel and solar energy
  • Development of the AM TAR car manufacturing plant in South Africa

Value Proposition

  • South African cars built on South African soil by South African hands for Africa.
  • Contact Sharon Cloete for appointments:

Job Creation and Skills Development

  • Demand Industry Specific skills to be created in partnership with the private sector 
  • High impact investments to unlock SME business development and job creation centred as a major focus for AM TAR 
  • Automotive Solar Energy skills development and projects 

Targeted Partnerships

Information about AM TAR Motors

 AM TAR motors stands for : African Motors driven on Tar Roads.

AM TAR is a project by Dan Piet (Pty) Ltd. Dan Piet is a fully empowered black owned South African company based at Wadeville, South Africa..This a cornerstone black industrialist economic empowerment national project that will see us developing the following products:

  • 100% South African car manufacturing plant – First phase
  • AM TAR fuel consumption - Petrol use and Solar energy for kick up when run-out off fuel
  • AM TAR entry level fuel and solar powered passenger car (Self-funded prototype in progress) – First phase
  • AM TAR 4X4 fuel and solar powered twin cab bakkie – Second phase
  •  AM TAR fuel and solar powered mini bus / taxi – Third phase
  • AM TAR Foundation – Engineering and ICT Demand Skills transfer
  • AM TAR National Television program : Car Manufacturing, design and selection for production


AM TAR’s Value Proposition

  • Black Industrialist Development: A national black industrialist development strategic project with a radical economic development DNA.
  •  Demand skills transfer: AM TAR to transfer key engineering and ICT skills in the automotive industry to bright youth in South Africa. Demand skills transferred by established car manufacturers to emerging SMEs and graduates in the country
  • Job creation: It is one single project with a practical strategy to create mass job opportunities and SME / Black enterprise development through structure supplier development and scalability. This integrates black supplier development (national SME/ Black enterprise development procurement program) and the Department of Education skill to job alignment Ref: TVET colleges and universities all over South Africa .

Engineering and ICT BPO (Business Process Outsource)

  • Engineering and ICT BPO (Business Process Outsource) : AM TAR to reengineer and expand the local and rural BPO centres in South Africa
  • A platform for dreamers : to translate ideas to reality, a platform for other independent car manufacturers to showcase their skills for production opportunities
  • Software development market expansion : A revolutionary market in the Connected Cars arena to grow locally
  • Mzanzi’s pride, the workmanship spirit: As South Africans we have been known for hard work, perseverance, Ubuntu and persistence through workmanship. AM TAR reinstates this magnificent national pride and culture to the new generation seemingly looking at work differently from the past generations. AM TAR will see all the universities and TVET colleges participating in the development and mass production of its cars.
  • Finally a project amongst projects: AM TAR represents the highest level of SA’s boldness and spirit of adventure. This is a mega project powered by some of the leading minds, organisations and communities.
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